No one can dispute the importance of conducting background checks in todays society. The benefits of comprehensive background checks are felt not only by business owners but by the individual customer. From CEOs to housewives, more and more people are beginning to view background checks as a pro-active risk management strategy.

The question many are asking is, can I afford not to conduct a background check? Can I afford not to protect myself, my family, or my business when the cost of acquiring such information is becoming increasingly more feasible? What used to cost hundreds, even thousands of euros to uncover, can now be quickly and easily obtained at a fraction of the price.

Alias names are a crucial aspect of any background check, and most of us have them:

A John Joe Maguire can show up via public records as John Maguire, John J Maguire, JJ Maguire, J Joe Maguire, Johnny J Maguire, etc. and the list goes on. It is very important that a human researcher of some kind reviews and compiles any comprehensive background check. There will never be a substitute for human reason. In today's society you really cant afford not to conduct a comprehensive background check.

City Investigations conducts a comprehensive investigation on your behalf, and you can choose from any of the following:

background Check - Stage One Investigation

This investigation may include academic verifications, professional membership verifications, certification or designation verifications, employment verifications and reference checks.

Stage Two Investigation

This investigation may include all of the stage one checks in addition to corporate searches, regulatory searches, lien & judgment searches, bankruptcy searches, litigation searches and media searches.

Advanced Investigation

This investigation may include the entire stage one and stage two investigations in addition to site visits, interviews and industry specific searches, inquiries or verifications.

Our searches can obtain the following information:

  • current address & phone
  • recent address history
  • birth date
  • aliases / maiden names
  • property ownership
  • bankruptcies & county court judgments
  • relatives information
  • roommates & neighbours
  • personal assets
  • marriages & divorces
  • businesses live and failed
  • press, media and internet history
  • previous address and linked address searches
  • employment and career history
  • professional capabilities

No matter what your requirements in background checks, we at City Investigation can help you. From a basic to an advanced investigation of an employee or potential partner, we will get the job done.