Family law investigations

It is believed that private investigators are hired by more than 50% of couples, who are divorcing in Ireland and the UK. This is more evident where there is wealth at stake; it is possible to lose your home, wealth and even your job if you do not protect yourself in the run up to a separation or divorce. Our qualified and experienced family law investigators are here to help you to get the best possible settlement in your case. When a couple decide to separate or divorce they are usually careful to consider all of the usual issues like personal property, family home and of course a maintenance and child visitation right of parents, but, it is important that financial elements not be overlooked. And a respected quote to remember is “information is a very valuable product” and the person armed with the information is armed with a valuable asset.

Our operatives are discreet and confidentially are guaranteed, but, with the human touch and empathy, we offer you a service second to none and as discretion is our forte you can rest assured that you have contracted the best agency for your separation and divorce needs. We will provide you with a service that is second to none, we are proficient in all areas of marital investigations, including forensic accounting, this is a process of identifying your spouse’s wealth and follow it through lodgement, transfers and new account opening, we are experienced in identifying bank codes throughout the World and know the anagram code for a multitude of purchases including art, shares, stock and International property purchase codes. Once you attend court and request an order for discovery we can go even further, including forensically looking at purchases on their statements, this can check what their hobbies have turned into, i.e. is your spouse an avid coin collector, have they recently purchased some pretty basic coins and yet there is a purchase made under a suspicious name from an area which is known for selling coins? We can identify if this purchase was made in order to defraud you in your separation or divorce settlement.

If you need to ascertain the truth and accuracy of your spouse’s affidavit of means (which they must compile and complete under oath in a separation or divorce cases) then we at Dublin (London) City Investigations can help you to support your case.

Should it become necessary for you to attend court with your evidence we can work with your solicitor or legal team, we will ensure that all of the evidence which we gathered in the investigation is compiled in accordance with legislation and ready for admission in proceedings.