What is DNA Testing?

DNA (Deoxyribon Nucleic Acid) is the genetic blueprint that determines a person's biological characteristics. DNA is located in the cells of the human body, and is the material that governs inheritance of eye color, hair colour, stature, bone density and many other human and animal traits. When a child is conceived, they inherit one half of their DNA from their mother and one half from their father. This one of a kind string combination of DNA in a child will match that of his or her biological parents.

DNA testing is a forensic test used for a variety of reasons, some of which are explained below.

Paternity Testing

Paternity DNA testing is now commonplace in Ireland. The test is quick and painless and there is no need for blood samples a cheek swab is usually all that is needed to conclude a Paternity DNA test and give you peace of mind. Both parents can request a paternity test; sometimes a mother may be unsure of the paternity of her child and request that the father be identified. Occasionally a father may deny paternity of a child for a number of reasons. He may have concerns regarding the mother's fidelity, or perhaps he doesn't want the responsibility of supporting a child. Contact us to get more details on paternity testing.

Marital Affair DNA Testing

Do you believe that a third party has been sleeping in your bed? The gut feelings we experience are often true, but we can confirm or allay your suspicions. Bodily secretions during and after a sexual encounter are deposited on a number of items, including bed sheets, undergarments, discarded bathroom tissues, condoms, bath towels, carpets and cushions. Semen detection tests are available in Ireland and our trained investigators will be able to train you in how to perform a semen test in your home. DNA evidence is irrefutable. Even microscopic traces of semen (and therefore proof of intercourse) can be identified with infidelity DNA tests.

We at City Investigations can help you to sleep better in your own bed.

DNA Testing Anonymous or Threatening Letters

Are you receiving anonymous threatening letters, or have you in the past? If so, this can be emotionally damaging, and you are entitled to find out who is responsible. In harassment cases involving written documents, our affiliated laboratories are often able to extract genetic profiles from 'licked' sealed envelopes, the stamps used by the perpetrator, and in some cases from the paper of the letter itself.

Our affiliated Irish laboratories can help you gain peace of mind. DNA testing is 99.9% accurate. We guarantee that the chain of evidence is not broken and our qualified agents will come to your home, obtain the sample, sign the authenticity of the sample, and return to the laboratory for analysis. You will have your answers withing 14-21 days.