City Investigations are specialised in catfish investigations. If you have ever watched the MTV show "Catfish" with Nev and Max, then you will no doubt know about the existence of Catfishing.

What is a Catfish?

A catfish is a person who pretends to be someone they are not, using social media sites such as Facebook to create false identities. These scammers create false accounts in order to deceive innocent victims, usually in the guise of online romances.

What are the warning signs?

  • Insistence that there is no way to send you a photo with excuses of a broken camera, phone with no camera etc.
  • Claims that their web cam is broken.
  • Claims of regular travel. They may tell you that they cannot meet in person due to their hectic travel plans, yet they have time to text and ring you.
  • Use of a Google phone,Skype to call you. An excuse usually used is that due to constant travel and the price of roaming, the Google phone means they can call you wherever they are without excessive cost.
  • Few friends on Facebook; anyone with less than a certain amount of friends on Facebook etc and few personal photos could be a possible catfish.
  • Unable to meet up. They always have some valid reason as to why they cannot meet you such as travel (as above), illness, family tragedy and so on. Often they will agree to meet you but back out at the last minute.

A person might become a catfish for a variety of reasons. Some do it for the thrill, some do it for monetary gain and others do it for more sinister reasons, such as criminal enterprises, identity theft, preying on your children, or grooming you for a meeting that could turn into stalking or worse.

We at City Investigations understand the mentality of catfish; how they can charm you and manipulate you into believing their stories. The ways they can explain their red flag behaviour can convince you that you're overreacting, even when their behaviour becomes questionable. We understand that you dont want to rock the boat and upset them by confronting their behaviour, because they make you feel so good the rest of the time. This is all part of their control over you.

If you are worried about the identity of any person you have become involved with, or you know someone else who may be involved with a catfish, then call us immediately and we can help you to find out the truth.