A missing person is someone who has disappeared and whose status as alive or dead cannot be confirmed since their location and fate is not known.

There are many different reasons why someone might become a "missing person". Sometimes an individual will lose contact with his/her family or friends deliberately, but other times the circumstances are more suspicious, and the possibility of abduction must be considered. In these cases a Garda report should be made immediately, and if you need additional assistance, an experienced and compassionate private investigator can be hired. City Investigations can set in motion an initial investigation, and all of the information obtained is shared with the Gardai.

Even in a small country like Ireland, the disappearance of children and teenagers has always been a problem, and parents become impatient with the efforts of the gardai when they report the child missing. The difficulty in locating missing children/teenagers is knowing where to begin with the search. If it is believed that the missing child is still in their hometown, the investigation will start with known friends. If it is believed that the child or teen has gone to a different city, intentionally or not, then the problem becomes more serious. Big cities like Belfast and Dublin can pose a great danger to young people, especially girls, and involvement in drugs and prostitution is a genuine worry. These kinds of runaways demand immediate attention and a substantial effort to locate the missing person before serious harm comes their way.

Our investigators are highly experienced in the art of locating missing persons. Regardless of your reasons for trying to locate someone, we can work tirelessly to discover as much information about their whereabouts as possible.