Fleet Tracking

Are your employees using your company vehicle for their own personal needs? Do you have employees who dont answer their phones when you call them? Do you need to know the whereabouts of your fleet in order to guarantee customers get the best possible service, thus ensuring your company remains competitive and successful?

In Ireland, in order for an organisation to consider using a GPS tracking system, they must be able to demonstrate that there is a good business reason for such surveillance. The individuals affected must be informed of the surveillance and its purposes, and employers should only use a tracking device to check the location of a vehicle during working hours. If an employee is allowed to use a vehicle for personal use, it should be possible to disable the tracking system outside of working hours.

Spouse Tracking

Do you fear your partner may be cheating? Is your spouse/partner away a lot on business? Are they difficult to contact? Is it hard to pin point their whereabouts? Spouse tracking is an excellent, cost effective method to learn their exact location 24 hours a day.

Whether you are a husband, wife or just a boyfriend or girlfriend, you are entitled to know if your partner is cheating.

We at City Investigations can use a tracking system on your partner's vehicle that is 100% legal, offering you the peace of mind and the truth that you deserve. City Investigation tracking can be undertaking at any time and can be maintained from just one day, to a whole year.

Child/Teenager Tracking

Child Tracking

In todays society the need for child protection is vital. With so many child abductions in the media, and a large proportion of these going unsolved, many parents are turning to GPS tracking to know where their child is.

While some people may believe that tracking your child is an excessive measure, as parents we know that we will do whatever it takes to keep our children safe.

We can place tracking devices in your childs shoe or on their phone; either way, you can be assured that you know your childs whereabouts at any given time. This is an on-going service and we can help you fit the devices and maintain them, or we can sell them to you to maintain yourself. Either way, you can rest assured that your precious offsprings location is known to you giving you the peace of mind to give them some personal space, freedom and confidence, without you having to panic.

Teenager Tracking

We offer the same service to your teenage children, but in addition to the shoe/phone trackers, we can also offer GPS tracking of the car they drive (as long as you own it)

Whatever your tracking needs, we at City Investigations can give the peace of mind that you as parents need and deserve.