Are you worried that your company may be subject to espionage? Do you think staff may be stealing trade secrets and selling them? Do you suspect your spouse or partner has planted a bug in your home?

Large corporations, small firms and businesses, and even home owners are liable to bugs. Competition in todays economy is fierce and the technology to spy on competitors is easy. No wonder companies are resorting to espionage.

From internal theft to industrial espionage, bug sweeping can be an invaluable tool for any business to have at its disposal. Bug sweeps are called counter surveillance measures; they are conducted by trained operatives who are experienced in the removal of bugs in the home or corporate setting.

If someone has installed a listening device or an audio bug then you can rest assured that our operatives will find it and remove it.

Domestic Bug Sweeping/Removal

Do you believe that your partner has had a bug or listening device installed in your home? Bugs can be installed in the home very easily, they can be disguised as household items such as clocks, pictures or even pens. They can be micro devices, powered by internal batteries and internal recording storage, so you will not see any wires, cables or lights. Domestic spy bugs are not just in the movies, they are very real and your partner may be concerned about your fidelity and believe that planting a bug in your home will give them the answers they are looking for. Whether or not you are being unfaithful, it is your right to live in a private, secure, bug-free home. Call us today to discuss your options with our operatives, and arrange a bug sweep of your home.

Commercial Bug Removal

Our operatives can also assist you in the detection and removal of bugs in offices, factories, warehouses, laboratories, and any other areas which may be the target of electronic surveillance or espionage.

City Investigations provides you with confidential and discreet professionals who will both conduct the sweep and provide you with verbal and written reports. Our "bug sweep" procedures and equipment are the best in the Irish market and are industry standard.

Our company is efficient, ethical and discreet in all its business and you can be assured of 100% confidentiality from all of our operatives.