Today's high levels of debt mean it's essential you are able to make contact with your customers as soon as you realise there is a problem, arrange payment plans and ensure that the debt is dealt with. But there are times when this just doesn't happen; sometimes people try to disappear.

People disappear for numerous reasons. It may be unintentional, whereby a person moves and forgets to notify their creditors with their new address. For others it is a case of relief seeking, where debtors fail to give creditors their new address for some time, or they haven't in fact moved but merely send back letters and demands stating that they have "gone away". Finally, people move deliberately for criminal reasons, perhaps because they had false accounts and services they never intended to pay for.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people move home. Most do so for legitimate reasons, but there is a small minority who move specifically to evade creditors, and try to get away without paying their bills. This causes increased hardship on companies who are trying to keep afloat in today's harsh economic environment. When debtors skip and do not leave a forwarding address, some creditors have to wipe accounts. In some instances this could amount to millions being wiped as bad debt merely because the creditor is unable to make contact.

For whatever reason people disappear, or wherever they disappear to, we at City Investigations conduct skip traces, debtor tracing and adoption tracing throughout Ireland and internationally with the help of our international partners.

We provide you with as much information as we are privy to, including:

  • The correct name, address and telephone number of the debtor.
  • Name of the debtors spouse.
  • Debtors occupation or last known occupation.
  • Names of relatives, friends and trade references if there are any.
  • Details of any disputes over the debt, either with you or other companies.
  • Any information about the filings of a bankruptcy petition or the possibility that the debtor may file one.
  • Mobile phone and/or email address
  • Nicknames or aliases

City Investigations can help you to locate accurate and up-to-date forwarding addresses, where an individual or company has left their previous address without letting you know. We can help you with information on how to obtain relief once the debtor is traced. i.e. civil litigation for the recovery of both personal and commercial debt.

This is achieved by instigating a civil case in the District Court, Circuit Court or High Court. If the amount of relief sought is under £6350, this is done by a civil summons which our qualified and experienced summons servers can serve on your behalf. Cases with a value of between £6350 and £38,000 are dealt with in the Circuit Court and where the amount of relief sought is higher than £38,000 then the case needs to be instigated in the High Court.