Non-payment of debt can have a knock-on effect on business and even personal finances. Many businesses and landlords choose to 'write off' monies owed from customers and tenants due to the expense of trying to recover the monies through a solicitor, the hassle of involving the courts, or simply because they are uncertain as to how to proceed with the recovery process.

We at City Investigations employ qualified centre and field call agents experienced in doorstep collection, and we guarantee fast and professional results.

Our collection agents are not bailiffs. Their sole objective is to establish the debtor's circumstances and where necessary provide debt counselling with a view to recovering the full amount of money owed. If the debtor is not in a financial position to make the payment in full, our collection agents have the skills to negotiate a customised payment plan for the debtor.

If you have had no contact from a debtor or he/she has ignored your correspondence, we at City Investigations can help verify that the debtor actually lives where they claim to. This also enables our collection agents to re-establish contact with unresponsive debtors; if the debtor has left the property, attending the property can help our investigation regarding their current whereabouts.

Solving debtor problems requires a variety of different approaches, developing an understanding of someones ability to pay and coming to an agreeable arrangement. We at City Investigations provide a range of services based on 'in person' counselling. These include Mortgage Arrears Counselling, Debt Mediation, Payment Schedules and Debt Collections both Commercial and Consumer. Our Counsellors are trained Mediators and experienced in obtaining the best possible results for our client while being compassionate and understanding of the debtor's situation. We are experienced in all legislation pertaining to debt collections in Ireland and our collection agents adhere to Section 11 of the Non-Fatal Offences against the Person Act 1997.

We provide a full, detailed report, including the times of the visit/s, information relating to interviews, full income and expenditure (where necessary) and any other evidence we discover that could help us to quickly recover what you are owed.

This service could be used to recover private/commercial rent arrears, hire purchase/lease payment arrears, overdue invoices or money owed from contractual agreements.

For more information or if you require an individual quotation, please contact City Investigations on 01 2924419 or 087 7147574.