Company/Personal Due Diligence

Before you consider dealing with a new company, signing a new partner or taking on a new employee, you should consider undertaking due diligence on the individual or the company (or both) in order to protect your company and your reputation before making that final commitment.

Due diligence involves gathering as much information as possible about the subject (business or individual). The aim is to discover financial, business, and legal information; to evaluate any potential and associated risks involved in the deal, and to secure a full understanding of the current financials and future potential. Knowledge of this information may have a considerable impact on your final decision as to whether or not you wish to move forward with a business deal.

If you are buying a small company or business, it is not always business practice to have all of the books examined, to check the company's records, financial statements and previous tax clearances, but it is still good housekeeping, particularly if you want to ensure that the company or business you are buying can follow through with their promises. In Ireland today The Company Law Act 1963-2012 is incorporated into every sale, but you would be amazed by how many companies and businesses are sold on mere ideas and handshakes.

In todays economic climate, undertaking to buy any business or to take on an employee with a crucial position in your company could spell disaster and cost you your livelihood.

This is where City Investigations can help you.

Once you instruct City Investigations we will start your investigation by looking into the owner of the business or the potential employee. We will investigate their background, concentrating on the personal and business related information, past and present. You might ask why we would seek out personal information, but this is because no director or owner is going to air their dirty laundry in public. We look for personal information, criminal information, and civil and financial information. We use all that information to piece together a complete picture of the individual. We can also instruct accountants on your behalf if you need the financial records or books reviewed.

The first step involves conducting research, sifting through information and piecing together all of the important data. Often this is all that may be required, because many of our clients only ask for minor research and for it to be done discreetly.

We also undertake site visits to ensure that the business is established and running as per the information given; we check the business registration, other directors, or business partners, and whether or not it is a registered business. We will then conduct a background investigation on the owner to verify it is the same person.

So before you make a business deal or decision, make sure you do your due diligence. Feel free to contact City Investigations with any enquiries and protect both your investment and your reputation.