Employee absenteeism has increased over the past few years, ranging from employees ringing in sick to doing nixers. We at City Investigations can place your employee under surveillance while strictly adhering to Ireland's privacy law. We will endeavour to obtain all of the relevant information you need to verify whether the employee is in fact sick, or if they are working and getting paid by other employment as well as the sick pay from you or the Department of Social Welfare.

If we obtain evidence that the employee has taken up other employment while out on sick leave or occupational injury from work, we will document this and produce it as part of a dismissal procedure under the Unfair Dismissal Act. In Ireland it is a legal requirement to undertake an investigation into suspected behaviour, but the employee must be made aware that there may be additional investigations conducted into their illness or injury. It is, of course, imperative to follow due process and fair procedure when undertaking employee surveillance to ensure a successful termination, otherwise your employee could bring a case against you for failure to follow fair procedures.

City Investigations offers a complete service to clients who have concerns relative to a particular employee or a number of employees who are taking unacceptable lengths of time off work on the grounds of sickness. The persistent absentee employee costs companies a great deal of money, with some being paid their full time salary or part of their employment package while 'off sick'.

Our experience is that the client/employer is usually right in his/her suspicions that a particular individual is actively engaged in secondary employment whilst 'off sick'. Most organizations' approach to absenteeism achieves temporary improvements at best and is harmful at worst. Many of these policies teach employees how to play the system, so they are always just on this side of termination. Productivity continues to suffer because there aren't enough people to cover the work assignments.

There can be no doubt that high rates of absenteeism and turnover is one of the biggest problems that Irish businesses face today, worsened by lower unemployment rates. To complicate things further, most companies considerably underestimate the cost of both their absenteeism and turnover. Not only are the direct costs monumental but the indirect and hidden costs can be the difference between profit and loss, and being able to maintain the operating budget.

City Investigations offers clients an Absenteeism Management Programme (AMP) to include: investigating specific absenteeism and bringing to the fore new and improved programmes to combat future absenteeism within the company or business.

For all of your employee related investigations you can be assured that City Investigations will offer you a professional, discreet and confidential service.