We here at City Investigations will conduct your insurance surveillance to your exact specifications and determine the validity of a clients claim.

Suspected Fraud

Not all insurance claims are fraudulent. Sometimes, when a client makes a claim and the insurance underwriters are unsure if their claim is covered by the policy taken out, the insurance company may send in a Private Investigator to determine if the claim is indeed covered and the claimant is adhering to the clauses of their insurance policy. For example, when a client is claiming disability benefit for partial disability, they are entitled to some payment from the insurance company. This is paid only if the client is unable to fulfil their employment to their normal level, so a private investigator may be called in to determine the level of fitness of the client and if they might in fact be ready to return to full capacity work.

Fraud Detection

City Investigations can boast highly experienced surveillance operatives whose skills can assist in the verification of claims and detection of insurance fraud. We undertake and investigate a wide variety of claim types including:

  • Creditor (PPI)
  • Accident and Health
  • Property
  • Gadget and mobile
  • Motor theft
  • RTCs
  • Warranty
  • Travel
  • Death

City Investigations can offer advice and guidance to clients on a wide range of other fraud and investigation related matters. We also undertake staff vetting and due diligence investigations for companies and individuals.

Our Private Investigators use the most modern surveillance equipment, hidden cameras, and the latest video technology to ensure that you and your client are able to see everything our field investigators observe and document.

One of the more prevalent and costly frauds committed in Ireland today is insurance fraud. There are specialist government agencies dealing specifically with insurance fraud and you can anonymously report a fraudster by going online to www.insuranceconfidential.ie or calling INSURANCE CONFIDENTAL 1890 333 333.


Litigation Investigations

We at City Investigations will work with your legal team to find evidence that will give them the advantage in their trial preparation and strategies in all civil litigation and family law matters.

We analyse all of the evidence and investigate data to provide a comprehensive summary of relevant information, as well as recommendations for follow-up litigation support investigations or document requests. Our goal is to provide an in-depth analysis and trial preparation, providing all possible information. Our team of investigators will provide a tracing service to locate witnesses, conduct canvasses to identify previously unknown witnesses, conduct interviews, and look over files and separations.

Accident scene photography will be obtained, and we'll work with the solicitors to get all of the facts before the legal proceedings.

Supported by our team of experienced private investigators, you'll be able to get the information you need for a positive outcome.