What is intellectual property?

Intellectual property is any innovation, commercial or artistic; any new method or formula with economic value; or any unique name, symbol, or logo that is used commercially.

Are your IP rights being breached? Are there copycats out there ripping off your brand or your music? Perhaps you are having problems getting proof of an IP theft? If so, we at City Investigations can help you. From clothes to watches, DVD's to perfume, we are experienced in identifying the offender and helping you to bring the thieves to justice. We can help save your business from losing potentially millions of euros.



The process of fraudulently manufacturing, altering, or distributing a product that is of lesser value than the genuine product.

Legislation in Ireland Covering IP and Counterfeiting

The Trade Marks Act 1996 specifically addresses the fraudulent application or use of trade marks on goods. The Act provides that it is an offence: Section 92 (1) (a) to apply a mark identical to or nearly resembling a registered trade mark to goods or to material used or intended to be used for labelling, packaging or advertising goods.

Counterfeiting is when the criminals "pass off" their cheaper, lower quality product for the real thing.

Have you seen an item that is the same as yours but no-one seems to know where it came from? We at City Investigations can help you. We will pose as buyers and using state of the art technology can infiltrate the structure of the counterfeiting ring, identify the ring leaders and make our findings available to you and the Gardai.


Counterfeit drugs are widespread and dangerous. One recent article in a medical journal likened the counterfeiting of drugs to murder. People can die after taking counterfeited drugs, drugs with fake ingredients, or legitimate drugs that are resold after their "best by" date with fake labelling, stating they are "in date".

Goods/clothes/watches etc.

Fake consumer goods do a lot of harm. While some offer purchasers lower prices than they might pay for an original, the counterfeit goods are usually of poor quality. While most of us are familiar with the knockoff handbags, clothes, watches, CDs and DVDs that are available from market stalls in parts of the country, what many people don't know is that car parts and even parts for airplanes and space shuttles have been counterfeited.

Can you afford to be a part of this property theft?

Unfortunately some unsuspecting businesses sell counterfeit goods without even knowing, with unscrupulous managers ordering and taking in fake goods, selling them for the full price from behind the counter and keeping the difference.

How do you protect yourself and your business?

We at City Investigations are experienced in detecting fake goods in your warehouse or store. We will go through your itinerary and investigate any indescripencies. In today's economic downturn, some warehouse or shop managers may be tempted to partake in this illicit trade. This could cost you your business, and could even lead to criminal prosecution and custodial sentences. Can you afford not to ensure your business is not a facilitator of crime?