Status Reports for Companies

Along with a due diligence report, one of the most important things to consider when entering a new business or taking over a new company, is conducting a financial status report.

We at City Investigations compile this status report in a professional manner, deliver it to our client within a reasonable time and in a legal format.

Status Reports Fit to Sue

Does a company or individual owe you money? Are you considering taking legal proceedings to recover the debt?

What do you do if you go through legal proceedings and the individual has no money to pay you?

Certain information is vital, particularly knowledge of your debtors credit standing and assets, and you need this before you take any legal action. When you initiate legal proceedings against a debtor, you need to be sure that the debtor has the money to pay the debt; if not then it could be a waste of your money and time.

We offer a pre-sue report that is very useful for identifying the financial status of an individual or business. The information gathered will enable you to make a decision as to whether the case is worth legal action or not.

When you receive your report, it will offer the following information:

  • The individuals full name and date of birth.
  • The individuals home address and confirmation of how long they have lived at the address, along with confirmation of previous addresses.
  • A visit to the property together with a description and an approximate valuation and photographs of the property. You will also be given a report of any other activity at the house, or other persons present there.
  • Land Registry searches detailing ownership of all confirmed linked addresses.
  • The individuals employment status.
  • Directors' search including full details of any connected companies.
  • Details of any judgements against the individual including the value of the judgment and the date obtained.
  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency searches registered with the Bankruptcy Court in the High Court.
  • A Register of Elector search, listing the entire registered occupancy at the property.
  • Current lifestyle assessment.
  • Cars etc. at the property.

We conduct our investigations in line with the Data Protection Act and will not act illegally by gaining information that is protected by the Act. We are registered data processors, giving you the peace of mind to deal with an investigation agency that first and foremost protects you legally when obtaining information.

Contact City Investigations today for a discreet, professional and up to date Status Report, arming you with the information you need to recover debt owed to you.