In Ireland, as in most democratic countries, we are afforded the protection of the Constitution when it comes to our rights to a fair trial and fair procedures. Article 40.3.1 of the Irish Constitution states that ˜The State guarantees in its laws to respect, and, as far as practicable, by its laws to defend and vindicate the personal rights of the citizen'. Furthermore, Article 40.4.1 says that 'No citizen shall be deprived of his personal liberty save in accordance with law'. We are also protected by Habeas Corpus, a procedure which requires the custodian (Gardai, Prison Governors etc) to produce the person before a court as soon as practicable in order to justify the detention of a person.

In a democratic society like Ireland, when a crime is committed, the Gardai compile a list of evidence and seek a suspect based on this. However, there are times when this simply does not happen, for example when the Gardai have a suspect first, and proceed to compile evidence to convict that suspect even if it is not in accordance with our Constitution's rights to fair procedure and the right to a fair trial.

If you have been charged with an offence, been sent a civil bill or have been found guilty of an offence and need a criminal defence investigator, we are qualified and experienced in all areas of Criminal Law investigations, including miscarriage of justice cases such as the McBrearty case in Donegal. Here, Frank McBrearty Junior was set up by Gardai as a murder suspect for the death of Richie Barron in 1996. The Gardai decided on the suspect and proceeded to build a case of evidence against the McBreartys. After intense criminal law investigations by private defence investigators Frank McBrearty was ruled out as a suspect, but not before his name was smeared and his business damaged by the false accusations. The Morris Tribunal of inquiry was set up and Garda corruption, which spread throughout the North West, was proven with the arrest and suspension/dismissal of many of the Gardai involved. No person is exempt from miscarriage of justice. If this is happening to you, then you need to call us immediately; speed is of the essence and your defence or appeal relies on it.

No person should have their liberty taken from them, save in accordance with the law, and we at City Investigationsare here to ensure that you receive the best possible criminal defence. Our qualified and experienced investigators are hand-picked from the best criminal defence investigators in Ireland. Once we speak with you and take your instructions, we choose your defence team accordingly. Firstly, we will allocate you your case manager; they will select your researcher, your legal executive and your experienced criminal defence investigator, who has all of the knowledge and skills to conduct your defence.

We will go through all of your court transcripts (if you are appealing a conviction), will validate your original prosecution, and ensure that fair procedures have been followed. After going through all of your original Gardai statements and evidence, your investigator will review the Garda investigation and re-interview witnesses to find any changes in their stories and to develop new leads.

We actively seek out new witnesses, who will play a vital part in helping us ascertain whether the facts of the prosecution are valid. All witnesses are interviewed, both for new evidence and also for their suitability as a witness, their portrayal of your case and how they convey themselves should your defence team have to call them to the witness stand. We will conduct a witness evaluation and endeavour to establish whether there is anything in their background/life such as mental illness or criminal behaviour that could jeopardise your case.

Our criminal defence investigators are fully trained and have the experience to read your charge sheets/case files in order to identify any mistakes made by the prosecution/Gardai when they were investigating your case. They are also experienced in reviewing the arrest sheets/charge sheets to ensure that all proper legal procedures were followed in your original investigation by the Gardai.

Our criminal defence investigators are skilled up on a regular basis; our investigators attend criminal law update courses, and they are also trained in interview techniques, body language reading and reading between the lines in witness statements.

Once the witnesses are identified, we will conduct a legal interview; this interview will be carried out with our criminal defence investigator and our legal executive, who is fully qualified and experienced in undertaking complete and accurate information in a formal and unbiased interview. This is of course conducted in the strictest of procedures, including the chain of evidence, and all interviews are fully objective. Our legal executives have the necessary knowledge to interpret legislation in order to determine if the prosecution has a valid and legal case against you.

A criminal defence investigator must have knowledge of a crime scene; for example, they must have some knowledge of serum and blood stains, human anatomy and forensics. They must also understand crime scene reconstruction, photography and evidence collection procedures. A good investigator will also know how to conduct research, locate governmental records, utilise computers and understand the chain of evidence rules, hearsay rules and confessions.

Our company has conducted successful defence investigations throughout Ireland and the UK, with success in such cases as robbery, theft, and sexual assault, to name a few.

Our experience in Criminal Defence Investigation will assist you in all areas of your defence and each case will be conducted with the highest degree of confidentiality and with unrivalled expertise. Our dedicated team can provide you with strong, accurate information which in turn will not only strengthen your defence, but could directly lead to an acquittal.

If you require the best experienced criminal and civil investigators in Ireland and the UK, then contact us today on 01 2924419 or 087 7147574.