Private Investigations in Donegal County

If you have been looking for a private detective in Donegal or a private investigation agency, City Investigations can help you solve a problem or get to the bottom of an ongoing issue.  Our team of skilled private detectives operate across the whole of Ireland and can conduct private investigations on your behalf independently, professionally and discreetly.

We offer a range of services which can help your business or help you to resolve a personal issue where a private, independent investigator can get to the bottom of the root cause of the issue, or uncover the truth.

City Investigations work with private and corporate clients and undertake all matters that can arise from a range of issues such as mistrust, dishonesty or unresolved issues.  Our Donegal Private Investigators are experts in their fields and have received the very highest standards of training and professional development.

Hire a Private Detective in Donegal to help you locate a missing person

If you are looking for someone who lives in Donegal County that can’t be found: Perhaps you are searching for a biological parent. Maybe you are seeking the truth about a loved one presumed deceased. Maybe you are a creditor searching for your debtor.

Whatever the reason, hiring a private detective in Donegal may help you find whomyou are looking for.

How We Search for A Missing Person

Depending on the whomyou are looking for, Donegal County private detectives use a variety of tools to locate a person. For example, if police have reason to believe a fugitive is hiding in Donegal County, the authorities may retain the services of a private detective. Private detectives are not bound by many of the rules that bind police officers, allowing them to enter nearly any place they believe a fugitive is hiding.

Private detectives can also use surveillance and recording techniques to watch places the missing person frequents. They can also do this to track suspects in abduction or runaway cases.

Many private investigators maintain an extensive network of other investigators and informants. A private investigator who operates in Donegal County would have an abundance of resources to investigate someone who disappeared in Donegal County.

At City Investigations, Private Investigators will use a variety of data-related tools to effectively locate the missing person. Search engines and social media are useful tools for any 21st-century investigator. Many times, people put sensitive personal information on public social networking websites, allowing investigators to track their location. 

For example, the person being sought may check in on social media at a Donegal County location. Investigators can find this information and use it to pick up the trail.

However, for all the technology in the world, some things just don’t exist in the digital universe. An investigator searching for a person in Donegal County may also go to the local public library. Libraries often have an address and phone information and a record of public directories dating back several decades. Investigators will utilise the services of your friendly Donegal County librarian to get the job done.

An investigator may search Donegal County public records for bankruptcy, birth records, death records, real estate and tax information or voter registration information. These records would provide an investigator with a relevant Donegal County addressat which to search.

You have found whom you are looking for. What next?

Your private detective has located the person you are looking for. Depending on your overall goal, the detective service may be able to help you going forward.

Many private detectives can conduct general surveillance of a building or person. For example, Mary found out her ex-husband Jim is living in Donegal County after five years without contact. Jim owes child and spousal support but needs to be served the necessary legal paperwork. A private detective can watch Jim’s movements to discover his activities to locate and serve papers to that individual on your behalf.

Then, when the time is right, a private detective can call upon skills as a process server to deliver the required legal notices and summonses.

Whatever type of private investigation work you may need, talk to one of the team at City Investigations today; we are happy to discuss any element of Private Detective Services in Donegal with you directly, and always offer competitive pricing to all of our customers.