Kerry County Private Investigation Services

City Investigations are a Private Investigator firm who service all over Kerry County.  We have experienced private detectives who can provide discreet and honest Private Investigation services throughout Kerry County.  Our Kerry Private Investigations can take place within the County of Kerry and across the whole of Ireland. 

If you are trying to find the best private detective in Kerry County, City Investigations Private Investigation services offer professional and experienced private detective services that cover all aspects of private investigation work.  We work with individuals and businesses and can offer a wide range of services that will make sure you get the results you need, quickly.

For our entire range of services, or for a more in-depth description of each of our Private Investigations in Kerry County you can view our individual services pages.  We can help with all Private Detective enquiries no matter how big, or small, our experienced Kerry County Private Investigators are here to help.

  • Criminal Defence
  • Document Serving
  • Insurance Cases
  • Miscarriage of Justice
  • Security Consultancy
  • Document Examination
  • Polygraph Testing
  • Bug Sweeping
  • Witness Interviews
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Missing Persons
  • General Surveillance for Corporate and Private Client
  • Landlord Referencing Services
  • Evidence gathering for Family Court
  • CV Checking

Featured Service – Private Forensic Investigations in Kerry County

The term forensics refers to the methodology used to solve a crime. Kerry County private detective services will be able to gather and analyse physical evidence related to a crime, often too narrow down the suspect list.

Kerry County investigators do this by analysing blood, fluid, fingerprints, computers and any other physical evidence found at the crime scene.

Who uses forensic investigations?

The police and other law enforcement agencies routinely employ forensic investigation when working a case. Other times, a victim or their family may employ a private detective to investigate the evidence. This is common in cold cases after Kerry County police investigators have given up or hit a dead end to their line of investigations.

There are several different types of forensic investigation in the realms of accounting, computers, crime scenes, archaeology, dentistry, entomology, graphology, pathology, psychology, science and toxicology.

One common form of forensic investigation in Kerry County deals with computers and mobile devices. Computer or cyber forensics investigators use the latest technology to recover data from damaged hard drives or mobile devices. This can be useful in criminal prosecution cases where the defendant has allegedly destroyed or damaged his or her technological devices.

Computer investigations can help stop things like drug sales, fraud and sex trafficking. In the non-criminal realm, similar investigations have assisted in divorce proceedings, termination lawsuits and illegal internet activity. Kerry County investigators are extremely skilled in finding information, including browser history, downloads, deleted data and emails, left on phones and hard drives.

Are there other kinds of forensic investigations?

Yes.However, you will want to check with your local Kerry County Private Detective service to be sure theyare offered. Other common types of forensic investigations include accounting, auditing, crime scene forensics, archaeology, dentistry, entomology, graphology, pathology, psychology, science and toxicology.

Although many private detective services offer some or all the services listed, it is best to check to ensure your Kerry County investigator can help with all your needs.

Can a private detective help with other kinds of investigations?

Absolutely! Private detective services routinely work with law enforcement, to help with the burden of criminal investigations. Some other services related to criminal investigations include:

  • Document Examination
  • Polygraph Testing
  • Witness Interviews
  • Missing Person’s Investigations
  • General Surveillance

A Kerry County private detective service can also help those accused or convicted of a crime as well. Many Kerry County private detectives are also skilled in criminal defence work, miscarriage of justice cases and record searches, all of which can aid in your defence as you navigate the Kerry County justice system.

Other, more general services offered by Kerry County private detectives include matrimonial surveillance, providing evidence for family law courts, missing persons’ investigations, mystery shopping, landlord references, CV checking, bug sweeping and more.

Whatever you need assistance with, talk to City Investigations today about hiring a private investigator in Kerry County.