Private Detective Services in Wexford County

At City Investigations, we pride ourselves on delivering a professional and discreet service to our clients.   We provide Private Detective Services throughout Wexford County and always deliver results you can trust.  Our Wexford County private detective services include:


  • Criminal Defence
  • Document Serving
  • Insurance Cases
  • Miscarriage of Justice
  • Security Consultancy
  • Document Examination
  • Polygraph Testing
  • Bug Sweeping
  • Witness Interviews
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Missing Persons
  • General Surveillance for Corporate and Private Client
  • Landlord Referencing Services
  • Evidence gathering for Family Court
  • CV Checking

Featured Service – Mystery Shopping in Wexford County

Mystery or “secret” shoppers are people who pose as customers or clients and evaluates the service at a local business. If you are concerned about the level of service your customers are receiving at your Wexford County business, a private detective can help you with your assessment.

Just what is a mystery shopper?

A mystery shopper will enter your Wexford County business and attempt to evaluate the courtesy and professionalism of your staff. While purchasing an item, a mystery shopper will typically ask questions of the sales associate and ask for support from the customer service desk.

Mystery shoppers may also note the quality of your product and test your Wexford County business’s web and social media presence. They will also evaluate your phone service and compare your business to your Wexford County competitors.

Is Hiring a Private Detective in Wexford County Worth It?

Absolutely! The best part is, you do not have to wait for your business to begin to suffer before hiring a mystery shopper. It is never too early to find ways to improve.  Hiring a Private Detective in Wexford County costs less than you might think, and helps you get impartial results, delivered quickly.

Employees are typically at their best while the boss is present. However, youcannot be present all the time. Hiring a private detective in the city of Wexford to be a mystery shopper is a great way to get an accurate feel for how your business functions when you are not around. A true perspectiveof a real customer. Wexford County Private Investigators are unbiased and will return with a report containing suggestions on how to improve your operations, giving complete, concise and clear feedback.

Although it is possible to hire people off the street to mystery shop in your store, a Wexford County private detective service can offer an unparalleled level of professionalism, providing evidence-based facts and information. 

Our Private Investigators are also trained to investigate employee dishonesty. If you suspect one of your employees may be acting in a fraudulent or dishonest manner, wherever you might be located in Wexford County, our private detective service can perform a series of mystery shops at your business location to help you uncover the truth and get to the root-cause of any issues you may be experiencing.

Is it worth the trouble?

It certainly is. In this digital age, businesses – particularly those in retail or the service industry – can ill-afford negative comments. The world of social media means the opinions of one dissatisfied customer travels much further than just your immediate area. The internet can spread the negativity across the world, significantly impacting your business.

You may also wish to try customer surveys and other incentive programs to try to gain customer feedback. While useful, they are less effective than hiring a professional Wexford County private investigator to do the job.  Hiring a professional means you will receive feedback that you can easily understand, and that is entirely unbiased. 

Can a Wexford County private detective service assist my business in other ways?

Wexford County private detectives can provide an array of services for a collection of issues. These include insurance cases, record searches, security consultancy, general enquiries, competitive intelligence, CV checking and other referral services.

Wexford County private detectives can help you with all your investigatory needs.

We deal with commercial and private clients across Wexford County.  Private Detective Services are called upon for a number of services that range from