Cork County Private Detective Services

City Investigations is a trusted and established private detective agency, operating in Cork City, with private investigators across Cork County.  We can help you solve problems, and get to the bottom of issues that may arise both within and outside of the workplace. 

If you are an individual or a business looking to hire a Private Investigator in Cork, we offer highly-skilled private detectives available for all jobs, large or small.

Featured Service – Polygraph Testing Services in Cork County

One of the many ways a private detective service can keep your business safe is by using polygraph or lie detector tests.  Private investigators are often licensed to perform such tests and can do so at your request.

Whether you need a polygraph test to take place in Cork County, or anywhere else in Ireland.  We can come to your premises to undertake the polygraph test, or we can perform a lie detector test at a location in Cork County that is arranged by one of our private detectives independently.

Why would I need polygraph services?

Many businesses operate with sensitive information or documents and want to be aware of who their employees are. A polygraph can be part of any standard screening and vetting process for potential employees. You can also call on a Private Investigator in Cork to come in and help when there are problems in the workplace that need resolving quickly, whereby individuals give their permission to take a lie detector test to prove their innocence.

Polygraph tests are also useful in background checks, marital or family problems, determining if an employee has been stealing, pre-employment screenings or police matters. A polygraph could be essential to securing the future of your Cork County business.

How do polygraph tests work?

Over the course of a two- to three-hour session, a trained Cork County Private Investigator will evaluate a subject for a polygraph, using questions about how much sleep a person gets, any medications or drugs they use and their overall mental state.

During the actual test, the polygraph records physiological responses that occur when someone lies. These include increased heart rate and blood pressure, increased respiratory function, and perspiration.

After the test is complete, investigators will be able to analyse the results and determine if 1) the subject is telling the truth, 2) the subject is lying or 3) no opinion/ inconclusive.

An inconclusive or no opinion result means the test administrator could not accurately determine whether the subject was telling the truth. This happens about 10 percent of the time.

Are they accurate?

Make no mistake, there are no standard human reactions, so there will be some variation. For example, a person may act nervous but not be lying, while someone else lies with a cool, calm demeanour.

Per the American Polygraph Association, polygraph tests are accurate about 80 percent of the time.