Private Detective Services in Galway

City Investigations offer a range of private investigation services across Galway County.  Our team of experienced Private Investigators can handle any task, of any size. 

Galway County Private Detectives work with solicitors, police, corporate clients as well as individuals.  We have already helped many people solve their problems and get the answers they need. 

If you are an employer needing to find out the truth about an issue that has arisen in the workplace, or perhaps you need an impartial workplace investigation to be undertaken at your Galway County premises. Whatever the reason for hiring a private investigator in Galway County, City Investigations are here to help you get to the bottom of the problems.  

Are you concerned about security vulnerabilities in your Galway County business? A Private Detective Service Can Help.

In addition to typical investigative work, many private detective services offer security consultations for homes and businesses. These services are perfect for any Galway County resident or business owner looking to secure their most valuable assets.

Evaluate and Recommend

Galway Private Investigators at City Investigations will strive to objectively evaluate your home or business with the goal of making it the most secure in Galway County.

Part of the consultation will include an inspection of your property and help develop a plan specifically tailored to your individual security needs. A Private Investigator at City Investigations may evaluate existing safety plans and confer with various senior managers to discuss the security needs of the building. Galway County Private Investigators will also monitor how your operation controls access to your location and perform a thorough and in-depth analysis.

City Investigations Private Detectives in Galway who perform a security consultation will also inspect any facility equipment to determine how your Galway County site is monitored. Upon inspection of these mechanisms, the consultants will provide advice on worthwhile upgrades, if necessary. Private investigators also often maintain a network of resources across the globe, allowing them to adapt to the fast-paced digital world. A Galway private detective can help you navigate the dangerous seas of a high-tech age by staying on the cutting-edge of the latest technological trends.

Along with detailed inspections and analysis of your existing safety and security protocols, a private detective service will also help you implement the necessary improvements to secure your Galway County operation. 

Perform background checks easily and hassle-free

In addition to physically securing your Galway County business, private detective services from City Investigations can help you safeguard your business through standard CV checking services.  We can fill in the gaps and undertake thorough research for any prospective employees to ensure you get the full picture and are not left open to risk by taking on a candidate who has been dishonest on their CV.

A trained private detective in Galway City will take the resume of a potential employee and cross reference the name with numerous records in Galway County and elsewhere, to determine if the applicant has committed any crimes or omitted certain positions from their resume that could disqualify him or her from the position. 

Galway Private Investigators will also track down previous employers and educational facilities to determine whether the information contained on a CV is true and accurate. An investigator may also follow-up with any personal or professional references provided.

Get A Leg-Up On The Competition With Competitive Intelligence

Now that your business is secure and your employees have been vetted, it is time to get a look at who you will be competing with for a piece of Galway County business. A private detective service can help you gather valuable information about your competition while operating in a discreet and ethical manner.

Galway Private Detectives will carefully and thoroughly gather information about your competitors’ strengths and shortcomings, perform background checks on key players and investors and research market plans in your chosen industry. Investigators may also search public Galway County records to reveal tax filings, court rulings and other pertinent information that can give your business an advantage over your competition, and help you stand out from your competition.

Whatever you need a Private Detective Service for in Galway County, we offer our services at extremely affordable prices and deliver a secure and professional private investigation service to clients in Galway City and beyond.