Private Investigations in Limerick County

City Investigations operate in Limerick County as a Private Detective Agency with a wealth of experience and deliver a lot of services to both corporate and personal clients.

If you want to hire a Private Investigator in Limerick County, you need to work with an experienced and professional Private Detective Agency like ourselves.  Whether you need basic or in-depth private investigatory work carried out, wherever that might be, City Investigations can deliver the best Private Investigators in Limerick to help you achieve your goals.

We offer all the Private Detective Services listed below and take on all work, no matter how big or small. 

  • Criminal Defence
  • Document Serving
  • Insurance Cases
  • Miscarriage of Justice
  • Security Consultancy
  • Document Examination
  • Polygraph Testing
  • Bug Sweeping
  • Witness Interviews
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Missing Persons
  • General Surveillance for Corporate and Private Client
  • Landlord Referencing Services
  • Evidence gathering for Family Court
  • CV Checking


Featured Service – Matrimonial Surveillance

Do you Suspect Your Spouse is Cheating? A Private Detective Can Get the Answers You Need.

It is not an uncommon theme. After years of marriage, you begin to suspect your spouse may be having an affair.

Your suspicions begin to mount as time passes. You are almost certain your spouse is cheating, but you just can’t prove it. You begin to wonder how you could begin to prove your suspicions. Not wishing to jump to conclusions, you talk to your spouse about your fears. Defensively, they dismiss your concerns out of hand, but this only fuels your suspicions. This is what brings you to the end of your tether, and now you are searching for a Private Investigator in Limerick to help you find out if your partner is cheating.

Matrimonial Surveillance & Family Court Evidence

Most of us know the Hollywood portrayal of the private eye: A grizzled investigator, fuelled by scotch and vengeance, taking on cases to pay for a personal vendetta. The reality is much less flashy, but still extremely useful and interesting.

In the case of the cheating spouse, Limerick private detectives can help you get the information and the proof you need. Matrimonial Surveillance is a common technique for husbands and wives who suspect infidelitybut are having a hard time proving it.

A detective experienced in matrimonial surveillance can install hidden cameras and even attempt to use equipment to recover emails long deleted from an account. An experienced private detective may also follow your spouse as they move about, especially if the cheating does not occur at home.

Of course, no one hopes their spouse is unfaithful, but if there’s evidence to be found, a City Investigations Private Investigator in Limerick will be able to find it.

Once the evidence is compiled, a private detective service will be able to help you enter that evidence into any eventual family law court proceedings. This may be helpful in common aspects of family court, including child custody rulings.

Process Serving

The results are in, and your worst fears are confirmed. The private detective you hired has returned with proof that your spouse is having an affair.

It is painful, but a local private detective in Limerick may be able to help you with the next steps, should you choose to pursue them. If the betrayal is too much to work through, you may want to consult a divorce lawyer. When it comes time to serve your future ex-spouse with the paperwork, a private detective agency may be able to help with that too.

Similarly, it could be totally innocent, and there might be nothing untoward occurring whatsoever.  In these cases, hiring a private investigator in Limerick will give you peace of mind that your partner is faithful.  Helping to put your mind at rest, allowing you to continue to have a loving relationship with your trust fully restored.

At City Investigations, our Private Detective Services across Limerick often engage in document serving as part of their work. A private detective service experienced in process serving will make sure to follow all the proper procedures implemented by the courts and will make sure your spouse receives the proper documentation confirming the exact date and time the documents were served.

Using a private detective agency in Limerick to do your process serving may be the best way to handle the process. They are independent of the situation and have no emotional attachment to the proceedings. They will be able to do the job professionally without the emotions that can surround such a delicate proceeding. We work with both solicitors in Limerick who need a document serving service or private individuals.

Whatever private investigatory services you are looking for in Limerick, contact the team at City Investigations today for an informal first steps discussion, we can talk you through your concerns and the available options.