As one of the leading private investigation agencies in Ireland, City Investigations can offer you a comprehensive Secret / Mystery Shopper service.

In the harsh reality of the economic downturn, quality service is an increasingly important factor for customers and it can determine the success of your business. As a customer we would prefer to be served by a friendly waitress, give our money to a happy and polite till operator or buy clothes from a helpful and informative shop assistant.

There are also the legal aspects of customer services. For instance, you are liable if your staff sell alcohol or cigarettes to under 18s. The law in Ireland is clear. Under the Intoxicating Liquor Act, it is an offence to buy alcohol or for someone to buy it for you, if you are under the age of 18. It is also an offence for you to drink alcohol unless you are in a private residence and have your parents consent. Under the Public Health (Tobacco) Act 2002 it is an offence to sell cigarettes or other tobacco products to anyone under the age of 18.

We at City Investigations are experienced mystery shoppers. Our field operatives can undertake in person tick box surveys or hidden camera surveys, underage mystery tests, price checks and test product purchases. These mystery shopper visits help you to monitor customer service, evaluate employee performance and help increase your profit margin. Our experienced operatives are proficient in mystery shopping and believe that this is an essential way for you to fully understand how your business works.

Your secret shopper survey will include the following:

  • number of employees in the store on entering.
  • how long it takes for staff members to greet the operative.
  • the name of the employees (and if they are wearing their name tag).
  • how the assistant greeted the operative; were they friendly, according to your business objectives?
  • the questions asked by the operative to find a required product.
  • the types of products the assistant showed the operative.
  • the sales pitch used by the assistant.
  • whether the assistant closed the sale.
  • whether the employee thanked the operative for shopping in store.

Other areas covered in a mystery shop include:

  • cleanliness of store and shop assistants' personal grooming.
  • speed of service.
  • compliance with company standards relating to service, store appearance, and legislation.

You the client can give our operatives instructions or procedures for the specific areas you need information about, such as alcohol test purchasing and if your staff are complying with legislation. Typically, mystery shoppers make test purchases, but this is not always necessary. Some operatives may enquire about the availability of certain fabrics or sizes. Other operatives may go to a restaurant and inform the waiter of their dietary status and requirements be it lactose intolerance, coeliac disease, diabetes etc to see how they respond.

We at City Investigations cater for all of your mystery shopping needs. Contact us today and we will tailor our services for you.