The Christmas Party

City Investigations deals with all areas of investigations and some of the most difficult cases for operatives are family law cases. Family law operatives are trained to be both thorough and sensitive. Our operatives conduct family law investigations on a daily basis. In Christmas 2009, a client contacted us, upset and afraid that his wife was having an affair. He believed that her behaviour was becoming more erratic and suspected she was seeing another man. He believed that his wife would use her upcoming Christmas party to meet this man and conduct her affair. Our client supplied us with the address of the hotel where the party was taking place the following Saturday evening. Our operative attended the hotel the day of the Christmas party to undertake a recce and to identify which rooms and exits would be attainable from the main foyer. Our operative identified that the room where the party was to take place, which was a communal room, would also be used by four other companies, which meant our operative could move about the hotel with relative ease and without raising suspicion. Our operative identified the subject within fifteen minutes of the party start time. At no point during the event did the subject meet any male. She left the room on two occasions to use the facilities, and both times she was back within ten minutes. She was observed on both occasions and met with no male. After the party finished the operative followed the subject to her home and at no point did she stop or even make any calls on her mobile phone. The subject arrived home at 2am having been observed for five hours. We suggested another surveillance day just to put our client's mind at ease, and conducted another eight hours of surveillance spaced over two weekends. This extra time also gave our client the much needed evidence that his wife was not cheating and they were able to have a happy family Christmas.

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