During the summer we were contacted by a client who needed a headcount of sheep on her husbands farms. She needed this information to prove his income as part of a separation case and maintenance application. The husband's affidavit of means showed that his income was low and this was therefore reflected in the amount our client would be awarded. The husband's affidavit claimed that he raised 400 sheep per year and that the birth of the lambs would bring the numbers to approximately 600. This meant that the husbands income was substantially lower than our client believed. City Investigations attended the area on day one of the investigation, whereby a recce (reconnaissance) was undertaken. Our operative identified more than five possible areas throughout the farm where there were sheep kept. On the property our operative identified two public right of way paths, which were an excellent way of obtaining entry to the property with camera to take photographs and conduct a sheep head count. Our operative used a nearby river to gain access to the back of the farm where two more large fields were identified as owned by the subject and contained sheep and lambs also. Our operative spent two days around the property, identifying new areas and conducting an exact sheep headcount. All in all the subject had 1400 sheep, 60% more than he had sworn in his affidavit of means in court. Once the evidence was given to the client and presented in court, our client was awarded a higher maintenance payment and back pay for the weeks when she was given the lower amounts.

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