Divorce Settlement

We were contacted by a client who was in the process of applying for a divorce. He was estranged from his wife for many years and she had stayed at the family home with the children and continued to farm on the property. The youngest child had just turned 18, the point at which the couple had agreed the family home could be sold. However, at this point the wife requested that the home not be sold, and that she be allowed stay in the home, as she had a small business which would have to close if she moved. Our client agreed that he would be willing to consider this if the wife paid him a yearly dividend which was a percentage of her income from the business. The wife supplied our clients solicitor with a statement of means, as requested under the Family Law Act 1996. This statement was suspicious to our client, who believed that his wife was not being completely honest in her affidavit of means. He contacted City Investigations and instructed us to undertake surveillance in order to ascertain the amount of clients / customers attending the business on a daily basis for a period of twenty-eight days. We gathered our operatives and had a meeting with the clients legal team, in order to design a completely bespoke investigation for the client. After twenty-eight days of observation and discreet inquiries, City Investigations were able to present our client with a list of visitors to the property, and this was sent to the wife's legal representative. Upon reassessment of the evidence supplied by City Investigations our client was able to secure a financial deal which was over 40% higher than the original one supplied by the wife. Our client was delighted with his divorce settlement.

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