Our client contacted us as she was suspicious about the behaviour of her partner. Her partner owned a dairy farm and a stud farm, but over the previous months our client had noticed that her partners financial position was precarious and he had spent less and less time at the farms and more time at the horse and dog race tracks. Our client was suspicious that her partner may be gambling. She had confronted him regarding the amount of money he was spending at the race track, but he denied everything. We were instructed to undertake a fourteen day surveillance and tail. Day one and two of the surveillance saw very little movement of the subject, but day three saw him attend the two dairy farms. He did not attend any tracks nor did he attend any bookmakers. However, on day four our client's suspicions were confirmed: the subject attended a dog racing track in the midlands and made several trips to the bookmakers. On each trip the subject was seen handing over large sums of money; only one of the four bets placed was successful. Day six saw the subject attend another dog race in the midlands, and again, substantial financial bets were placed in the bookmakers. None of the bets resulted in a payment for the subject. This pattern was repeated the following week in the same order, with the subject placing more bets (again involving large sums of money) with only two small wins out of eight bets. We were able to give our client all of this evidence which she then used to confront her partner. He admitted his gambling addiction and he now attends counselling for it.

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