There are many reasons why you may find yourself in need of professional investigative assistance. City Investigations is experienced in working with private clients who require discreet help with relationship, matrimonial and family related matters. Our professional team is available to help you with an acrimonious marriage or relationship break-up, property and possession security and personal loss and disruption.

Every case is unique and we therefore offer a professional standard that is tailored to provide the best possible level of service. We provide a wide range of protection services to give you complete peace of mind. We offer risk assessment and advice on preventative strategies, crisis management including security, harassment, blackmail and kidnap, and private criminal investigations, such as burglary, violence, harassment, stalking, identity theft and missing persons. We can also assist you with reinvestigation.

City Investigations is available and on hand to advise and assist throughout the investigation process. We understand your need for complete discretion and our professional operatives will sensitively access resources and information that support your case requirements. We also use state of the art equipment to support our detailed reports.

As well as Civil Investigations we provide our clients with:



  • Complete confidentiality and discretion guaranteed
  • A personalised service and dedicated Case Manager
  • Highly competitive rates and cost effectiveness
  • Nationwide and international investigation
  • Ethical standards
  • Peace of mind