The MOST important thing YOU can do is CALL THE POLICE/GARDAI to report a CRIME or any SUSPICIOUS activity which may be in or around your neighbourhood, home or garden. You have to be the eyes of your home and neighbourhood.

Burglary and theft from residential premises can be a very traumatic one for victims who may be left feeling angry, violated and unsafe in their own homes. The most frightening aspect of home invasion this that most burglaries occur during daylight hours, whether or not the occupier is inside the premises, burglars do not go out of their way to ascertain if the occupants are at home or not so feeling safe because you are in the house is not an effective means of burglary deterrence, therefore, it is essential to ensure that your home is secure at all times, day and night.

Reducing the Risk of Burglary

At City Investigations we are the foremost investigators in home invasion deterrence, the risk of burglary can be reduced dramatically with the help of our experienced team who will visit your home and undertake a risk assessment, risk reduction and safety plan for your peace of mind and protection of you, your home and your valuables.

Many burglaries occur when an offender discovers an open window or unlocked door, and takes the opportunity to enter the home and steal cash or other items of value. Making sure that your home and other buildings (e.g. garage/garden shed) are always secure is an effective way to reduce the likelihood that opportunistic burglars will see your home as an easy target.

IRELAND In Ireland today you can protect your home from burglary by reasonable force. The Criminal Law (Defence and Dwelling) Act 2011 allows for a person to use reasonable force in defending their home in order to protect themselves and their property. The Act says that a person is not obligated to retreat from their home if there is an intruder, but this will not help you as a home owner if you are not in your home at the time or if you do not feel in fear of your life, you cannot use this defence if the burglar is about to leave your home, you can only use it if you feel the threat of immediate danger.

Therefore we at City Investigations advise that you undertake a number of strategies which may help to prevent your home being burgled will be included in your safety plan and risk assessment. In addition to security measures, simple behavioural changes, such as leaving a light on when you go out to make your house look occupied, can be an effective deterrent to would- be burglars, our in-depth risk assessment will give you the tools and knowledge to protect your home and valuables from intruders and give you peace of mind.

Recurring Burglaries

Regrettably, once a home has been burgled there is a real chance that it could be burgled again, and this would usually occur within a somewhat short period of time, the same burglar/s who committed the initial burglary, or their associate/s, are usually responsible for the repeat burglary. If you have been burgled recently and you think it is possible that your residence may be vulnerable to a recurring burglary then, it is strongly recommended that you contact our experienced and expert private investigators who will bring to your attention any security shortfalls that may leave your home and garage/shed vulnerable to burglary.

Reasons for recurring burglaries

Due to the fact that the burglar has already been to your home they will be aware of additional items of value in a home and due to this they can view it as an easy target because they cannot see any obvious improvements in the security of the home.

Once you have been burgled you will be claiming of your home insurance for the items stolen in the first burglary, burglars are aware of this and know you will have most if not all items replaced within 4-6 weeks.

Burglars may return because they now have someone interested in buying an item they saw on the first burglary.

Burglars return to burgle other residential buildings (e.g. if the garden shed was broken into on the first occasion, the home may be burgled on a return visit).

We at City Investigation can also help you not only to make your home and property safe but also help you if you have already been burgled, burglaries can be solved and property can be recovered even when there appears to be no reasonable lead to follow. At City Investigation we use operational investigative tools that have resulted in the detection and arrest of burglars in some cases and the recovery of the stolen property.

For obvious reasons City Investigation cannot discuss our methods and we do not publicise our methods of investigation and apprehension but we do advise our clients of this as we action the risk assessment, strategy and investigation plan.