Do you suspect that your partner is engaging in extra marital activities? Maybe a motorist is suing you for personal injuries and you want to make sure their injuries are as they claim? Perhaps you want to buy a business or take on a partner you have a few prospects pegged out, but what do you really know about them? How can you be sure they won't rip you off?

Whatever the case, hiring a private investigator (PI) may be the solution for you and your business. Here you'll find an array of private investigators with wide-ranging skills and investigative experience in Ireland. You'll surely find one to fit your needs.

10 things to consider when hiring a Private Investigator in Ireland.

  • One of the first things to ask for when hiring a private investigator is a non-disclosure agreement, which the investigator and all members of staff dealing with your case will sign. This is to ensure that your case is not discussed outside the office; no client need worry about their personal business being talked about anywhere other than in a professional context.
  • You must ensure that the agency or investigators are registered as data controllers under the Data Protection Act. This is the Data Protection Commissioner in Ireland, and you can check if the business is registered by going to and searching for their name, company name or business name. This government agency was created to uphold information rights in the public interest, promote openness by public bodies and data privacy for individuals.
  • Ask for a legally binding client instruction agreement (contract) to be put in place before commencing with any potential work. This contract should state the type of investigation, the approximate time frame, and the approximate cost.
  • Make sure the private investigators are a registered business or company.
  • Do they have a well-constructed website? If they do not then the chances are they are not a professional outfit. If a company cannot invest in their website then the chances are they have not invested in the business either, thus leaving your information and integrity in danger.
  • Always ensure that the business or company contact details are on the website. If not, then you should not under any circumstances hire them. You could lose your money and integrity.
  • Request customer testimonials and references in order to ascertain if they are a reputable business and this will give you confidence to continue with the Investigation Agency.
  • Ensure that the business registration details are on the website or headed paper; this will give you protection should anything go wrong.
  • Ensure that the investigation agency has a company email address, not a FREE one such as yahoo or gmail. If an agency does not have a company mail then you should not deal with them.
  • If you are in Ireland and it is at all possible, ask for a face to face meeting with your investigator. They may claim to be a seasoned investigator with 20 years™ experience when in fact they have only recently taken a private investigation course, and have never conducted an investigation before. A face to face meeting will ensure that you are dealing with the person who you believe them to be.

City Investigations have conducted numerous investigations involving insurance claims, insurance fraud, intellectual property & copyright infringement, corporate fraud, criminal defence, surveillance investigations, and family law matters. We have established a reputation as dedicated Private Investigators who are diligent, ethical, and results oriented. Therefore you can be assured of a discreet, confidential and professional service.